Peacock Prints Give Away

Win a set of two peacock prints by artist Tracey Cameron

Brittnay Douglas over at Gallery No. 8 has done an artist feature on myself and to celebrate that and the season I am giving away a peacock print to two lucky people. Read the feature and sign up by following this link, or comment below and join my mailing list to be entered!

When is a Pillow Not a Pillow? When it’s a Wall Hanging

Create a Wall Hanging from a Pillow Sham

Each of my Decorative Artist Pillows has a hidden talent, the ability to be used as a wall hanging! Two small holes have been placed on the upper corners so a 1/2 dowel can be threaded through and hung with string. This feature offers ultimate flexibility in how you display your piece of Tracey Cameron Fabric Art.


Wall Hanging or Pillow /// Artist Tracey Cameron


I have launched a new line of decorative artist pillows. My first collection is based on Owls of Canada and is aptly titled the Canadian Owls Collection 🙂

Canadian Owls Collection - Art Pillows - Tracey Cameron Creativ

Each pillow is made with recycled, remnant and vintage fabrics in a lovely mix of patterns and colors. Take a jump over the the shop if you’d like to have a pillow of you very own.

Burrowing Owl - Artist Pillows Canadian Owls Collection Great Grey Owl - Artist Pillows Canadian Owls Collection Great Horned Owl - Artist Pillows Canadian Owls Collection Snowy Owl - Artist Pillows Canadian Owls Collection

What is the appeal of Soft Sculpture

But why does soft sculpture remain all-persuasive in the transitional world of art? It began as a reaction, perhaps: against reason, against the hard geometric forms of Modernism, against a perceived lack of raw emotion in sculpture. Later, a plethora of new synthetic materials and industrial techniques encouraged artists to experiment further. Could it be, nowadays, that one of the reasons we find soft sculpture so compelling is because of its actual substance? Is the reality of touch and texture a counterpoint to the virtual, bodiless world of video images and endless digital files?

I found this statement in an essay on soft sculpture a few months ago and it really resonated with me. I silly didn’t take note of the author or the title but I thought I would post it any way.