How to Care for Textile Art

How to Care for Textile Art | Tracey Cameron Creative

Textile art can be a little tricky. Although this medium has been around for thousands of years people aren’t always familiar with textile art and what are the best ways to care for it. Whether the piece is a wall hanging, an art pillow or a soft sculpture there are some basic rules you should follow when displaying your textile art.

  • Keep it out of direct sunlight and fluorescent lighting. Like most pieces of art, sunlight is a harsh mistress. The power of those UV rays can be quite harmful to textiles. At best it will cause discolouration and fading and at worst it will dry out and speed up the decomposition process of the fibres.
  • Ensure proper air circulation. Unlike paper or canvas, textiles need to breath. Keep your fibre hangings happy by leaving the glass off when framing or include vents in the sides. For sculptures, a enclosed glass case helps keep the work safe from water, hands and dust but does need vents to encourage air flow.
  • Keep away from heat sources, like fireplaces and radiators, and display at normal room temperature, 18-23C, in an area without high humidity. Meaning find another piece of art for the bathroom!
  • Avoid contact with liquids. If someone got a little trippy at your last dinner party and If the piece must be cleaned, spot clean with water, and if necessary, a diluted mild detergent.

If you follow the basic rules of care your textile art piece will be a treasured heirloom you can pass down through generations.

Check out my follow up post on How to Hang your Textile Art to get my tips on how best to display your piece.

4 Benefits of Wall Hangings

Snow Owl Wall Hanging | Textile Art | Tracey Cameron Creative

People don’t always think of fibre wall hangings when deciding on art work. Not only can they be visually stunning works of fine art they also have some practical benefits over a standard canvas painting or print.

1. Acoustic – Fabric wall hangings and tapestries provide a soft surface to absorb extra noise rather than a hard surface for sound waves to bounce off of.

2. Insulation – Have a cool exterior wall? Hang a wall tapestry to provide a little extra warmth and insulation. Just like a sweater helps keep you warm, a wall hanging will keep your home that much cozier.

3. Variety – The key to a strong room design is variety. Not only should you have a variety of complementary colours, textures, and shapes but also a variety of artworks. Paintings and prints are a great start, but layering in a wall hanging or two will add the 3 dimensional texture your eye loves.

4. Sense of History – Historically many different cultures have displayed fibre art to beautify and warm buildings. In Medieval Europe tapestries were hung on a castle walls and to cover door openings. The Greeks and Romans used fibre art as wall coverings for civic buildings and temples like the Parthenon.

Bibliophiles Unite

Today, Aug 9th, is National Book Lovers Day. There seems to be a day for everything but this is one I can get behind. A good book and a sunny window bench has been my idea of heaven ever since I was a young girl. Books have the ability to entertain, transport you to far away lands, open your perspective and teach you how others think and feel. I don’t think I would be the same person today if I hadn’t learned to love reading.

“Never trust anyone who has not brought a book with them.”
— Lemony Snicket

So you have mine and full national permission to blow off work and crack open a good read!

Ostrich Flock Wall Hanging


Flock of Ostriches | Fabric Wall Hanging | Tracey Cameron Creative

I’m starting to run out of space in my studio to create new sculptures, so I decided it was time to work flat! Although I went flat, I didn’t go small. This mammoth 60″ x 30″ wall hanging put my sewing machine and my patience through it’s paces. But I’m very pleased with the results. I had a lot of fun working flat. Got to be a little more graphic and abstract with the shapes. Next piece I will try to mix in a little paint with the fabric and have the shapes dissolve and become a little more raw.


Ostriches have such personality and individuality I wanted to create an ostriches flock but allow each bird to stand on it’s own as well. I layered cream, white and yellow laces and sheer fabrics over black shapes to create their form. And kept adding layers towards the head to create dimension and texture. Their eyes and long lashes are such a dominate feature I wanted to put the focal point there. If you look closely you can see I also added some lines of stitching in yellow, grey and white to give more depth and interest and line quality.



Dove vs Pigeon Illustrates Inner Worth

Dove vs Pigeon | Tracey Cameron Creative

I was on a Walter walk this morning. We had just started out, crossed the street and rounded the corner, when we walked into a gang of pigeons … white pigeons!

I know some of you will read that sentence and think, those must have been doves, pigeons aren’t white. But fun fact, pigeons and doves are the same animal! They are both of the humble Rock Pigeon species.

So why do we look at a grey pigeon and think pest but we look at a dove and think peace? Somewhere along the line somebody decided that white pigeons or doves were beautiful, while grey pigeons were dirty and the scum of the earth. I think this is an interesting commentary on the power we give outside forces in determining our inner worth. Nobody has the ability to judge or determine your value from the spectator seats. The pigeon doesn’t give a flip about our opinion of it. They bop along, cooing contentedly enjoying the sun and their place in the world. Your value and power are an inside job and anybodies opinion of such are irrelevant.

Take a beat from the humble pigeon, do you and care not what others think.

CTV Breakfast News Feature

CTV Morning Live News Feature | Easy: Made in Canada | Tracey Cameron Creative

Etsy Calgary Team Captin Jillian Logee went on CTV Morning live to talk about some of the lovely products available at September’s Easy: Made in Canada event in Calgary. One of the products highlighted were my Fine Feather Art Pillows. Click this link to see the full video.