Dove vs Pigeon Illustrates Inner Worth

Dove vs Pigeon | Tracey Cameron Creative

I was on a Walter walk this morning. We had just started out, crossed the street and rounded the corner, when we walked into a gang of pigeons … white pigeons!

I know some of you will read that sentence and think, those must have been doves, pigeons aren’t white. But fun fact, pigeons and doves are the same animal! They are both of the humble Rock Pigeon species.

So why do we look at a grey pigeon and think pest but we look at a dove and think peace? Somewhere along the line somebody decided that white pigeons or doves were beautiful, while grey pigeons were dirty and the scum of the earth. I think this is an interesting commentary on the power we give outside forces in determining our inner worth. Nobody has the ability to judge or determine your value from the spectator seats. The pigeon doesn’t give a flip about our opinion of it. They bop along, cooing contentedly enjoying the sun and their place in the world. Your value and power are an inside job and anybodies opinion of such are irrelevant.

Take a beat from the humble pigeon, do you and care not what others think.

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