Peahen Fabric Sculpture

Peahen head

Some details of a new fabric sculpture I just finished. I’ve been really inspired by the peahen (the female peacock) lately. I really love how they only have a patch of teal on their necks that blends into the browns and greys of the rest of their bodies. Click here to see the full sculpture.

Peahen Fabric Sculpture Neck Detail

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Dining Chair Slipcover DIY

Fun fabric slip cover for dining room chairs

I am a DIY maven, I love a good furniture redo! The thrill of finding a old unloved piece of furniture with good bones/lines and turning it into something beautiful again. I found four of these red parsons chairs on Kijiji for $25 and turned them into the “after” that you see above. You can click through to see the “before” and a little bit of the process.

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So there was a break in at my house a couple of weeks ago. It was fairly minor as those things go but I did find myself computer and camera less for way too long! But all is right with the world again. Thanks to home owners insurance (thankfully the boy is smart enough to have that!) I’ve got lovely replacements of the stolen goods. The only thing I can’t replace is the digital files I not so smartly forgot to back up. I’ve lost most of my pictures of my sculptures and worse still, some of my paintings that I only had digital copies of. But I’ve got to remind myself being an artist is about creating new, not about crying over lost work. Onwards and upwards! So look for some new materials in the next few weeks, I’m excited 🙂

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Peahen in Progress

Peahen watercolor painting experimentation

It’s been while since I’ve done a full scale formal watercolor painting … I think I’m a bit rusty … painting is NOT like riding a bike! I’ve been so caught up in sculptures for the past few years I’ve let the painting fall to the side, but I was inspired last week to paint a peahen. I loved how their colors are more muted than the bold peacock, and how the teals in their feathers flow and transition into browns and greys. I’ll keep working on it and post when it lives up to standards.

The Mother of All Dandelions

I don’t know if you can tell but this dandelion is about 5 feet tall and two feet in diameter. It sure was a crazy project requiring more and more seed pods to be made (there are 150 seeds on this monster) but I love the way it turned out!!!
This beautiful beast is for sale, she just wont fit any where in my small little house. I envision her in front of a window in the corner of a room with the light filtering through the seeds, contact me if your interested.

Charity Fabric Sculpture

Fabric and wood sculpture of birds

I just finished this sculpture today. It’s my contribution to a charity auction this weekend for The United Way. Inspire people to bid high my pretties!

Custom Birdie

Here is my first custom bird ornament of the year. Embroidered with the year and initials for a baby’s first Christmas.